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One big thing about us, we love our tea! We are passionate in sharing our love and knowledge about tea. 

Welcome to our Teafy community.

Teafy is an online tea brand offering premium and sustainable packed tea. We specialise in unique and blended loose leaf teas that are hand picked and packed by our great team. 

We strive to offer the best affordable and quality of tea to ensure all orders can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

We love sharing our exciting new learnings about tea and especially its contribution to health and wellness. We are constantly researching and seeking out new tea blends. We believe with the abundant of leaves and flowers, there are many possible blends that are yet to be discovered! We hope to share our journey with you.

Organic, ethical, vegan & sustainable

Teafy about us

Features of Teafy®

Purest Blend

The finest selection of tea leaves are handpicked from estates and blended by the best to give ultimate freshness and heavenly aromas.

Orthodox style

Orthodox, the most traditional technique, is perfected over centuries to provide full character and strength, enough to fulfill any tea lover’s dream

Finely crafted

Our controlled production that starts with handpicking the leaves and continues through withering, rolling, oxidation and firing.

Bringing great tea to you

What started a simple cup of tea every morning, progressed to a possible dream of making fun loving tea that everyone knows and enjoys.

We hope to consistently deliver the best aromatic and damn good flavourful tea. Today our passion continues to work with our amazing farmers and suppliers using their locally grown natural ingredients to ensure the best quali’tea.

Find out more about sustainable farming in India’s tea industry. 

Teafy about us

What we are proud of !

kg of waste diverted
kg of CO2 emissions avoided
kWh of energy conserved