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Get lost in the world of Teafy
Finely crafted to your taste
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Get lost in the world of Teafy
Finely crafted to your taste
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Why Teafy

We always keep it real for you

At Teafy, we specialize in providing the finest quality loose leaf tea blends whose purpose is to contribute to healthy living and excellent well-being for people around the world. Our focus is to harness the powerful properties of natural herbs which were handpicked, prepared and packed with care, to offer you a myriad of nutrients, flavors and tastes in a cup of tea that will delight all your senses.

We offer a wide range of affordable and accessible tea blends free of unnecessary fillers and artificial colors, without compromising freshness, quality and taste. Not completely satisfied with your order? Don’t worry, we are always at your service to address any issues or concerns.

100% plant based
& cruelty free


Carbon neutral delivery

One tree planted
for every sale

Home compostable


Our featured best sellers

Bringing the finest quality tea to your collection

We share a passion in creating blends and flavours. With ingredients collected across the vast regions of India, we aim to bring premium quality tea. 

We work with the tea farmers to help improve tea quality, and invest in their communities to help ensure 
“Better life for them and a renewable supply of high-quality tea for years to come” from tea leaves to the cup every drop is carefully crafted by teafy just for your taste.
While doing that we also ensure that it is ethically sourced and sustainable as well !


Looking for an Oolong tea? Well try Teafy’s signature blend, 100% Natural, GMO free. Stay healthy. Stay Teafy!

teafy golden emperor
OMG this product is awesome. Beautiful in all ways and helps protect the world.
I am so happy with my purchase!
- Jenny B
Soy teafy

Absolutely Soy Free

Teafy qluality

No pesticides & herbicides


Every sale plants 1 tree


No GMO & artificials


Grain & gluten free


No animal ingredients

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